Ford survey helps motorists to save fuel

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Ford has recently undertaken a survey, highlighting tips that motorists can use to help conserve fuel to the extent of saving over £800 a year on fuel costs. The survey spoke to 5,700 people across Europe, and came up with a number of interesting findings regarding wasteful fuel practices across the UK.

The top four fuel-saving tips from Ford are the following:

  • Shop around for fuel prices
  • Check your tyre pressure monthly
  • Remove excess weight from within the car during journeys
  • Remove the roof-top cargo box

Ford believes that the combination of these factors could help save up to 33 percent on fuel. The survey results showed that 76 percent of people polled don’t check their tyre pressure regularly, 38 percent don’t remove the roof storage, 18 percent don’t shop around on fuel and 17 percent keep extra items inside the car.

Of the European results, motorists from the UK were highlighted to be the least likely to shop around on fuel prices, with over a quarter of the poll indicating this. Other results included German drivers being the most likely to speed, French drivers being the least likely to check their tyre pressure, and Spanish drivers being the most likely to leave their air conditioning on.

What do you think of Ford’s fuel-saving tips? Do you think you’ll be able to make use of them, or do you have any additional tips and tricks you think we should know about? Leave your comments below.

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