Getting your car ready for sale…

When it comes to selling your car there are a number of routes you can go down and the route you choose will be dependent on your personal situation. But whether you are selling your car privately, through an auction site or to a dealer as a part exchange, the one thing we guarantee you’ll want is… the best price for it.

However, in today’s competitive car market, selling your used car isn’t as easy as it once was. Unless your car is a vintage, classic, it’s likely that it’ll be competing against very similar cars which is why you need to ensure that your car stands out from the competition.

If you make the effort to get your car ready for sale you could reap the reward of a higher cash price or valuation, so take a look at our top tips for preparing your car for sale.

First impressions count for a lot washing-the-car

It may sound obvious but giving your car a good external clean is a quick way to score points. Especially considering the first thing buyers see is the outside of the car, so if it’s covered in mud, bird muck and road grime it’s not exactly going to give them the wow factor.

Plus if you are advertising your car online the listing will be likely to be accompanied by photos and clean cars photograph a lot better and look more presentable to prospective buyers.

We promise the time and effort you put into cleaning your car will be noticed, even if those interested don’t comment on it.

Somethings can be hard to hide car-scratch

Unless they’re driving bubble wrapped cars, even the best drivers in the world can’t avoid stone chips, parking dents and door scratches. And those who are less fortunate at parking may have a few alloy scuffs or curbed alloys to deal with.

Though it’s easy to say “Oh that scratch doesn’t matter we’re selling it soon” or “Everyone has door dents nowadays from the supermarket”, little things like these do matter to potential buyers and could stand between them choosing your car over another.

So if there are any bumps, scratches, knocks or rattles we advise trying to deal with them before you put your car up for sale. This will help illustrate that you’ve looked after your car for the time you’ve had it and can stop buyers haggling on the price.

Sticky fingers and muddy paws car-mats

The result of children and pets in cars can be catastrophic to the interior, leading to soiled carpets, stained seats and fur lined boots, all of which will immediately put buyers off. Spend some time cleaning the inside of your car like you did the outside.

Removing the floor mats, vacuum the whole interior as well as the mats and if you notice any stains, we recommend investing in a decent car shampoo to give your interior a deeper clean.

If you’re lucky and your car has a leather interior – cleaning it should be slightly easier but don’t forget to check under the seats for any loose items which have rolled under.

Smells tend to linger car-air-freshener

You’ll hopefully have given the inside of your car a thorough clean, but remember the lingering smell of muddy football boots from leaving them in the boot after every match might be a smell you’re well accustomed too but to stranger it’s a smell they will definitely notice.

Use an in-car air freshener to perk up the aroma inside your car, but don’t wait until the last minute as pesky smells can take a few weeks to disappear.

Remove clutter car-clutter

Old receipts, CDs, spare shoes, umbrellas, toys to keep the kids entertained, remove all items from your car leaving only the owner’s manual and service book in the car as you don’t want any items to distract a buyer when they’re looking round the car or are taking it for a test drive.

MOTs and servicing car-mechanic

It’s extremely easy to not want to put the car through its next service or MOT because you’re selling it, however if you are selling your car privately or through an auction site it will help reassure buyers that no immediate work is needed if it has recently been serviced and comes with an MOT of over 3 months.

If you are part exchanging your car, the dealer will be looking to re-offer that car so will take into account any monetary investment needed when giving you a valuation.

Do your research research

Just like you would with buying a car it’s a good idea to do some research to identify how much similar cars are selling for or are worth. This will allow you to list your car at a reasonable price or help ensure you get a fair deal from a dealer.


Are you looking to sell your car? Why not call into one of our dealerships for a free part exchange valuation and explore the endless opportunities of new car models which are available.

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