Lexus shares economy driving tips

Lexus has long been a pioneer of hybrid and more fuel-efficient driving, and now it has shared its official driving hints and tips to help hybrid drivers get more from their vehicles.


  • The first piece of advice may seem simple, but has a very noticeable effect. Clearing unnecessary items from the boot will ensure that you are not paying to carry superfluous items with you, and will reduce your fuel consumption.
  • Next, ensure that your car tyres are correctly inflated. This information can be found in the handbook, and it is worth getting your car serviced regularly to ensure that the vehicle is operating as it should.
  • Planning your journey is vital. Not only will it help you avoid getting lost and covering extra miles, it will also help you steer clear of heavy traffic, where your vehicle can consume fuel even when you are stationary or moving at a crawl. If you do find yourself stationary with the vehicle idling, switch to neutral to stop electricity generation.
  • Keep windows and the sunroof closed at speeds above 45mph. This reduces drag, and it is more efficient to use the vehicle’s integrated air conditioning system.
  • On the same note, be sure to remove unused roof racks, boxes and bike racks, as the additional drag can all add up to significantly increase your fuel and energy consumption.
  • Travelling at a steady speed, perhaps with cruise control, and accelerating gradually to the speed limit, in addition to braking more slowly over a longer distance, will all help your vehicle save energy.
  • By accelerating rapidly, you will engage the conventional engine rather than the electric mode, which is used for lower speeds. Accelerate gradually to keep your vehicle in EV mode. Gentle, early braking boosts regenerative braking, which saves and utilises energy from braking the next time you need to accelerate.
  • Take some time to understand the data displayed on your vehicle’s hybrid information display, as well as the various dials and gauges, so that you can monitor how much energy is being used, and switch to ECO mode for best efficiency results.

The full range of hybrids on offer from Lexus includes the CT 200h, IS 300h, the GS 300h and 450h, the RS 450h and the LS 600H L, all of which are available from Lexus Teeeside.

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