New moves from Ford with advanced steering technology

Ford with Advanced Steering TechnologySomething incredible is coming within the next 12 months. Car giant Ford has announced the imminent arrival of a revolutionary new steering technology. It is exciting because, in a nutshell, it will improve steering responsiveness at all speeds and in all conditions. The benefit to you, the driver, is the choice of a range of cars that are notably easier to manoeuvre and therefore offer a more gratifying driving experience.


So, what is it? The technology is built into the steering wheel itself, working to automatically adjust the ratio – in other words the number of turns a driver makes of the wheel and how much this then turns the front wheels. Rather than being fixed, this changes depending on how fast you are driving and the road conditions. In practice, this means the steering wheel is easier to turn and more agile when the vehicle is travelling slowly and in reverse – for example, when parking. On the flipside, at higher speeds the enhanced steering makes driving more fun because, quite frankly, it is easier no matter how big, small or powerful your car.


Fords Advanced Steering Technology will be available on selected models from the start of 2015. Watch this space for more details in the coming months. In the meantime, let us know what technology or feature has changed your driving experience for the better in the last few years by leaving a comment below.

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