Top optional extras for your car

Lots of manufacturer’s offer a car configurator service on their website, whereby you can choose your model, colour, wheels and any optional extras. Making it easier to visualise the car you want.

When buying a brand new car there’s now a wealth of choice available. From the brand and model you choose right through to the engine size and colour. Plus there’s a whole host of added extras which are available to help you personalise your new car, making it personalised to your needs and wants.

With so many features, technical specifications and a whole a host of jargon it can be difficult to choose the features you actually need and will make regular use of, so we’ve compiled a list of the top optional extras worth considering:

Parking Aids: Toyota Rear View Camera Display

Parking Sensors:
It happens so easily, you’re parallel parking and you think you’ve got a little bit more room to reverse when before you know it you’ve tapped the car behind sending you into panic mode.
Rear parking sensors take away this fear through detecting objects and alarming you before it’s too late.

Parking Cameras:
One step ahead of parking sensors, rear parking cameras make parking in tight spaces a walk in the park. Allowing you to view on a dash-mounted screen how much space is available and whether you’re on track to park in one successful attempt.

Parking Assist:
Forget the worries of parallel parking, as parking has never been easier with parking assists such as Hands Free Parking. Using advanced technology this clever system judges the space available and takes control of the manoeuvre for you.

Air Conditioning, Climate Control and Winter Weather Features: Lexus NX dual zone climate control

Air Conditioning:
A lot of cars now come standard with air conditioning fitted however if they don’t it’s a feature worth investing in. If you’re considering whether it’s really worth the money let us paint you a picture…

It’s a scorching summer day and after being in a hot stuffy office all day all you want to do is get home. But as you reach the car park and open your car door you’re hit with a heat wave and now you have the pleasure of driving in rush hour traffic in what’s practically a moving oven.

Air conditioning is invaluable during the summer, but also helps to keep your windows mist-free during the winter months.

Climate Control:
At the higher end of the price spectrum, there’s dual-climate control which lets passengers set their own temperature. Meaning no more arguing over being too hot or cold during long drives.

Winter Weather:
Gone are the days of patiently waiting for your windscreen to demist or defrost in the winter months, innovative patented technology unique to Ford uses a mesh of very thin heating wires embedded in the windscreen to demist and defrost the windscreen quickly.

Cruise Control: Lexus adaptive cruise control

One of the most useful car options available, cruise control takes the strain out of long drives and helps prevent accidentally exceeding the speed limit. Particularly useful on motorways where variable speed cameras are used and on Smart motorways which are being introduced.

Satellite Navigation: Renault satellite navigation

Although the car accessories market is swarming with third party sat-navs, a built-in satellite navigation system in your car is a far more sophisticated solution to a windscreen mounted device.

Using intelligent technology integrated sat-navs can alert you of any traffic warnings and re-route you to keep you moving. Most models now also come with traffic alerts, alerting you to speed cameras and monitoring your speed to ensure you don’t exceed the limit.

With advanced technology used, you can easily identify local areas of interests, alongside pit stops for re-fuelling, must need toilet stops and rest breaks. Plus most now come integrated with your car’s multimedia system such as radio and CD, so there’s no hassle of setting up your windscreen mount at the start of a journey.

Alloy Wheels: Lexus Alloy Wheel

Your car of choice has probably been chosen for a number of reasons and usually within that list is style, because your car is now a reflection of who you are.

Colour and design are both big visual impacts on a car but equally important are the wheels. Large, chunky wheels are a must have for adventurous vehicles born to go off-road, whereas low profile, sporty wheels are a necessity for sports models such as the GT.

Whether they’re a larger size or upgraded style, optional alloy wheels can have a significant impact on the overall look of the car. Plus when the time comes to sell your car, the alloy wheels may be the one thing that sets your car apart from the competition.

Multimedia and Connectivity Systems: Ford SYNC

In-Car WIFI:
Turn your car into a mobile WIFI hotspot and stay connected whilst you’re on the move with in-car WIFI. From listening to your favourite music on Spotify, to checking your work emails or arranging plans with friends on Facebook, in-car WIFI is as simple to connect to as it is at home.

Voice Recognition:
Clever voice recognition technology allows you to make and receive phone calls without taking your eyes off the road. By simply linking your smartphone to your car, you can answer urgent phone calls hands-free by using simple voice commands.

You even have the option of being read any text messages you’ve been set. But before enabling this feature we advise you consider any passengers who may be in your car, to save any awkward or embarrassing situations.

Emergency Assistance:
In the event of a serious accident whereby your airbags have been deployed or your fuel pump is disabled, Emergency Assistance can call the emergency services for you. Using your GPS coordinates, this potentially lifesaving technology can supply vital information to the emergency services even if you can’t.

Do you need more advice on buying your next car, call into one of our dealerships in Teesside, Northallerton and Darlington and one of our friendly Sales Executives will help find the perfect vehicle to meet your requirements.

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